Diffuse steatonecrosis - presenting as an obscure abdominal mass - a diagnostic dilemma

Binay Kumar, Upasna Chachra, . Bhuvan


Diffuse steatonecrosis secondary to acute / gangrenous pancreatitis presenting as vague abdominal mass is difficult to diagnose and requires special method / techniques for demonstration of fatty acid crystalloids. We report a case of acute abdomen with palpable lump. On emergency exploratory laprotomy a large thick jumbled up omental mass was revealed adhered to parietal wall along with complete pancreatic necrosis. Biopsy show diffuse fat necrosis of pericolic fat, omentum / mesentry with involvement of gut submucosa and birefringent saponified fatty acid crystalloids were demonstrated. Steatonecrosis may cause diagnostic dilemma and should be considered as differential diagnosis in appropriate clinical setting.


Pancreas, Steatonecrosis, Submucosa, Xanthogranulomatous reaction

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