A prospective study on drug utilization pattern & rationality in treatment of type II diabetes mellitus: a population based analysis

Shruti Vihang Brahmbhatt, Bhagya Manoj Sattigeri, Ashok Kumar Nil, Devang Pravinkumar Parikh, Heena Sunilbhai Shah


Background: Diabetes a chronic disease is associated with significant morbidity, complications with poor glycemic control. Hence, meticulous management is necessary. Comorbid conditions increase chances of polypharmacy and irrational prescriptions in diabetic patients. This prospective non interventional study aimed to gather and study the drug utilization pattern in diabetic patients.

Methods: The study was conducted in 50 diabetic patients admitted in medicine ward. Patients were included in the study only after obtaining written informed consent form; all relevant data were collected from case record forms and were analyzed.

Results:Diabetes mellitus was observed to be highest in patients with the age group of 60-70 years, affecting 66% males and 34% females. Among the participants 42 (84%) were already on treatment for diabetes while 8 (16%) were diagnosed at the time of admission. We observed that 27 (54%) patients were treated with insulin + oral hypoglycemic agents, 13 (26%) were treated with only Insulin while 10 (20%) patients were prescribed only oral hypoglycemic agents. The most common comorbid conditions observed by us were hypertension, chronic renal disease, diabetic foot, septicemia, urinary tract infections and other susceptible infections.

Conclusion:To conclude, the study reveals that Metformin continues to be the choice of oral hypoglycemic agents with least adverse effects and insulin was used to treat uncontrolled state, where physicians have greatly considered the socio-economic status while prescribing which is obvious with least use of costly insulin preparations.



Diabetes mellitus, Drug utilization, Insulin, Metformin, Oral hypoglycemic agents

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