A retrospective study of post-operative gall bladder pathology with special reference to incidental carcinoma of the gall bladder

Jagannath Dev Sharma, Indrajit Kalita, Tonmoy Das, Papari Goswami, Manigreeva Krishnatreya


Background:Surgical removal of gall bladder for its diseases is common. However, not much is known about the incidence of incidental carcinoma in such patients in our population. Objective of current study was to analyze the different pathological entities of post-operative gall bladder specimen with particular emphasis on incidental carcinoma.

Methods:This retrospective study was carried out at a multi-specialty hospital in eastern India from the pathology records for the period from August 2005 to July 2008. The records were analyzed for gender, age group distribution, and pathological types with different histology.

Results:Out of 863 records, chronic cholecystitis 51.2% was the most common histology and malignancy was seen in 2.7% (23/863) both pre-operative and post-operative diagnosis. In the neoplastic group incidental carcinoma was diagnosed in 1.9% (17/23) of cases

Conclusion:Histopathological examination of gallbladder specimen helps to identify non-neoplastic conditions with its complications and also, for the detection of incidental carcinoma. Thorough sampling of all gallbladder specimens is a must to detect focal neoplastic changes.


Carcinoma gall bladder, Cholecystitis, Gall bladder pathology, Incidental carcinoma

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