Pattern self-medication use of analgesics in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Shruti Jaiswal, Yogendra N. Keche, Radha Yegnanarayan, Giriraj Gajendra, Kshitija Chandanwale, Vinaya Lanke, Surabhi Jain, Aditi Dakua, Gourav Das, Aishwarya Bhat, Sailee Belvi, Anandita Desai


Background: Objective of current study was to find out self-medication pattern and to study awareness of ADRs to analgesics self-medication.

Methods: II MBBS students collected the information of names of analgesics self-medication, dose, frequency of administration, health related problem for use of self-medication, source of information for the use of self-medication and information about ADRs. Students also educated the population about ADRs to analgesics with the help of ADR checklist.

Results: Paracetamol was most commonly taken as self-medication and 39% persons reported ADRs with paracetamol.  Ibuprofen, diclofenac, paracetamol and aspirin were taken less than WHO DDD for joint pain. 79% study population was ignorant about ADRs to analgesics. Headache (37%) was common health related problem for self-medication of analgesics.   

Conclusion: Information about problems with repeated use of analgesics like liver damage, analgesic nephropathy, gastric ulceration/bleeding should be provided by pharmacists either orally or with the help of leaflets or display board. Headache is common health related problem for the use of analgesics as self-medication. Pharmacists should take help of assistance tool to diagnosis headache like screener for migraine and guidelines for chronic headache for timely visit of self-medicating person to physician.



Self-medication, Analgesics, Headache, ADRs

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