Development and histogenesis of human foetal lung in relation with gestational age

K. Satheesh Naik, K. Madhavi, M. Gurushanthaiah, G. M. Mahesh


Background:The objective was to study the development and histogenesis of human foetal lung in relation with different gestational age.

Methods:In the present study lung specimens were collected from formalin fixed 27 aborted foetuses (14 male, 13 female) by abdominal dissection between 6 weeks to 40 weeks of gestational age.

Results:In the present study we observed that there was a delay in the appearance of embryonic, pseudo glandular phase, canalicular, terminal saccular and alveolar stages of the lung.

Conclusion:Delay in the developmental anatomy and histogenesis of the lung cells leads to histopathological abnormalities which gives knowledge to the clinicians during clinical procedures.


Embryonic, Pseudo glandular phase, Canalicular, Terminal saccular and alveolar stages

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