Published: 2016-12-18

A case of isolated eyelid cysticercosis masquerading as a dermoid cyst: histopathology to the rescue

Pradnya S. Bhadarge, Sonali S. Datar, Sandesh D. Sonarkhan, Keshav B. Pagrut, Alok C. Shrivastava, Pradeep S. Umap


Cysticercosis is a parasitic infection caused by larval form of Taenia Solium. The commonest site of cysticercosis is central nervous system followed by muscles, subcutaneous tissue and eyes. But only a handful of cases of eyelid cysticercosis have been reported in the literature. We report a case of isolated eyelid cysticercosis in a three year old female child who presented with swelling on the right upper eyelid which was clinically diagnosed as dermoid cyst because of its exclusive site of presentation. Histopathology of excised eyelid swelling revealed the diagnosis of cysticercosis.


Eyelid, Dermoid cyst, Histopathology, Cysticercosis

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