Myxoedemic coma: an uncommon presentation of Sheehan syndrome

Ramakant Rawat, Rajani Rawat, P. S. Singh, Manoj Kumar


This is a rare case of a 35 year old multiparous female who presented with electrolyte abnormality, hyponatremia in a setting of seizure and moderate pallor. She had a significant past history of childbirth complicated with post-partum haemorrhage after which she developed secondary amenorrhoea and lactation failure. Workup showed suppressed levels of all pituitary hormones and was treated as myxoedemic coma. A diagnosis of Sheehan’s syndrome presenting as myxoedemic coma - a rare but emergency presentation was made.


Sheehan’s syndrome, Hyponatremia, Myxoedemic coma

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