Published: 2016-12-18

Ileo-ileal intussusception due to lipomatous growth

Pravin Balakrishna Bijwe, Deepak Gulab Najan, Prasad Dasharath Hake


Adult intussusception occurs infrequently and differs from childhood intussusception in its presentation, aetiology, and treatment. Diagnosis can be delayed because of its longstanding, intermittent, and non-specific symptoms and most cases are diagnosed at emergency laparotomy. With more frequent use of computed tomography in the evaluation of patients with abdominal pain, the condition can be diagnosed more reliably. Treatment entails simple bowel resection in most cases. Reduction of the intussusception before resection is controversial, but there is a shift against this, especially in colonic cases. In present case 40 years old female having abdominal pain on and off since 6 months, multiple ultrasonography reports were done with no abnormality detected.


Intussesption, Ileum, Resection, Laparoscopy

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