Intrauterine retention of foetal bone: an IUCD effect

Balaji P. Nalwad, Pradnya V. Gurude


Intrauterine retention of foetal bone is a rare complication of abortion. These patients may present with irregular bleeding per vaginum, dysmenorrheal, pelvic pain and secondary infertility. A 27 year old female (G2, P1, L1, A1) referred by a general practitioner to our OPD as a case of secondary infertility. Patient was asymptomatic and had a second trimester abortion three years back. USG showed a foreign body in the uterine cavity. There was no history of IUCD insertion. On the advice of general practitioner, CT scan was done, which showed similar finding.  Then this case was referred to us for further clinical evaluation. On hysteroscopy, we found foetal bones impacted between two Ostia which were removed with difficulty in the same setting. Dye test for patency of tubes was negative, probably due to edema. After that, patient conceived naturally within four months and delivered a healthy baby. Retained foetal bone in the uterine cavity was causing secondary infertility by its IUCD effect. Hysteroscopy is the gold standard method for diagnosis and treatment of foreign body in the uterine cavity.


Intrauterine foetal bone, Abortion, Infertility, Hysteroscopy

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