Work related musculoskeletal disorders among medical laboratory professionals: a narrative review

Parul Raj Agrawal, Arun G. Maiya, Veena Kamath, Asha Kamath


Work related musculoskeletal disorders are common health problem and increasing cause of disability. Laboratory professionals are unique group of healthcare professionals who play an essential part in diagnosis and therapy planning and often their work is associated with potential health hazards. Objective of current study was to review literature on prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among medical laboratory professionals. Electronic databases and bibliographies were searched and identified papers evaluated against inclusion criteria. The searching strategy uncovered 13 reports. Total 7 studies were included for the review. A high degree of heterogeneity among studies was observed. The overall prevalence’s ranges from 40-60%. With neck being more prevalent 18-78%. However additional high quality studies are required in this area.


WRMSD, Pathologist, Microscope user, Laboratory technician

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