Study of health status of street children in Khammam City of Andhra Pradesh

Aditya Suryabhan Berad, Sampat Momula, Ravi Kumar B P


Background: The objective was to study the health status of the street children in Khammam city and to study the socio-cultural environment of the street children in Khammam city.

Methods: Type of study: A prospective and descriptive study. Study Population: All the street children in the city who are less than 18 years of age. 3Sample size: out of total 384 street children in the city, 150 were included in the study. Selection criteria: Children in different age groups of both sexes were selected. A total of 150 street children were included in the study. Data regarding socio-cultural environment and health status was collected by using pretested structured questionnaire after obtaining proper consent.

Results: A total of 150 street children were interviewed (Males 86 and females 64). The mean duration of stay on street was 5.31 years. Nearly 10% of children were illiterate. The overall personal hygiene of the children was very bad. 97 (64.7%) children were malnourished. 6.7% of children had scabies. 30.66% children were anaemic. 46% children had Vit A deficiency. 17.33% children had Vit B deficiency. 34.7% children had visual problems. 18.66% children had ear and hearing problems. 60.66% of children had dental problems. 5.3% children had some psychiatric problems. 42.66% children had various addictions.

Conclusion: There is an urgent need of coordination among development agents working for the rights of street children and information sharing among all stakeholders to enhance implementation strategies.



Street children, Health status, Socio-cultural environment

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