Left common carotid artery arising from brachiocephalic trunk and their aberrant course displacing trachea

Pratiksha Yadav, Rajul Bhargava, S. G. Gandage


Bovine arch commonly refer a group of congenital variations in the branches of arch of aorta, in which there is aberrant origin of left common carotid artery. These are usually detected incidentally, however rarely they can cause dysphagia lusoria. We report a case of bovine arch and aberrant left common carotid artery in a 62 years old female who had come with complaint of mild dyspnea. On radiograph there was superior mediastinal widening and shift of trachea to right side. CT scan was advised for further evaluation. On CECT there was only two main branches arised from arch of aorta, brachiocephalic trunk and right subclavian artery. There was aberrant origin of left common carotid artery seen from brachiocephalic trunk. The brachiocephalic trunk was very tortuous and displacing trachea to right side.


Bovine arch, Aorta, Brachiocephalic, Innominate, Common carotid, Branches

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