High origin of left testicular artery associated with accessory renal artery and renal cyst; a cadaveric observation

Lakshmi Kantha B. M., Amar Singh, Shailaja Shetty


The variation in origin of the testicular artery is not uncommon, few reports about a high origin from the abdominal aorta exist in the literature. The renal artery is known to exhibit variations in its number and position. The knowledge of this variation will help the radiologists and surgeons in avoiding clinical complication during interventions. During routine dissection teaching to first year MBBS students at Sapthagiri Medical College, Bangalore we found variation in vascular pattern of testicular and renal artery associated with renal cyst. Photographs of the variations were taken. There was high origin of left testicular artery and accessory left renal artery associated with bilateral simple renal cyst in adult Male cadaver aged around 60years.There was also prehilar division of right renal artery associated with renal cyst. Anomalies in the origin, course and number of testicular artery were observed in 4.7 percent of cases. Additional renal vessels are known as the accessory renal artery and their incidence varies between 9-76%. In the present case there was high origin of left testicular artery associated with accessory renal artery and renal cyst. This anatomical knowledge of the presence of accessory renal artery and high origin of testicular artery in this case is important for radiologists, surgeons and urologist in their clinical practice.


Accessory renal artery, Prehilar division of renal artery, Renal cyst, Testicular artery

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