A study on clinical evaluation of chronic dacryocystitis

Prangya Panda, Bijaya Kumar Sadangi, Dhaneswari Jena


Background: Chronic dacryocystitis is an unpleasant disease. It is a common condition presenting with watering from the eye. Usually there is a block at the nasolacrimal duct where it opens into the inferior meatus. The study was done to do a clinical analysis of the cases of chronic dacryocystitis.

Methods: 51 cases of clinically diagnosed chronic dacryocystitis were taken and, clinical analysis of the cases regarding age, sex, presenting symptom, nature of discharge was done. LPI was done in all the cases. DCR or DCY was done as treatment.

Results: Common age of presentation was third decade or fourth decade. Female were worse sufferer. Discharge from eye was present in all the cases.

Conclusions: A female in third or fourth decade having discharge from eye since years, chronic daryocystitis is to be ruled out. DCR is an effective method of treatment.


Chronic dacryocystitis, Dacryocystorhynostomy, Dacryocystectomy, Fistulectomy, Lacrimal sac, Lacrimal fistula, Mucocele, Mucopurulent discharge, Nasolacrimal duct, Rhinosporidosis

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