Comparative study of serum calcium and phosphorus level in pulmonary tuberculosis before and after chemotherapy

Suman Godara, Kiran Parihar, Mamta Choudhary


Background: Pulmonary tuberculosis is a chronic granulomatous bacterial infection caused by an acid-fast bacillus, mycobacterium tuberculosis or tubercle bacillus.  It is a potentially fatal contagious disease that can affect almost any part of the body but is mainly an infection of the lungs so it is called pulmonary tuberculosis. There are many minerals synthesized in the body in an appropriate amount for specific work. If any disease occurs in the body then mineral level imbalance, like wise in pulmonary tuberculosis calcium and phosphorus levels disturb. The changes in Calcium and Phosphorus level is considered as an important factor in pathophysiology of pulmonary tuberculosis patient.

Methods: The proposed study was conducted in Department of Biochemistry with association of Department of TB and Chest of S.P. Medical College and attached Hospital, Bikaner. There were 40 cases and 40 controls in the age groups from 15 to 50 years. We took fresh samples and performed required tests following standard protocol. By Analytical grade chemicals and standard serum Calcium and Phosphorus were estimated using enzymatic kit method by auto analyzer.

Results: The Mean±SD of serum calcium and serum phosphorus levels were found 8.688±0.7155 and 2.833±0.6443   before chemotherapy and 9.163±0.4661 and 3.695±0.3471 after chemotherapy.

Conclusions: Persons, who developed pulmonary tuberculosis disease, had increased serum calcium and serum phosphorus level after chemotherapy compared to before chemotherapy patients.


Calcium, Phosphorus, Pulmonary tuberculosis

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