Conformal radiotherapy in rectal cancer: a dosimetric review


  • David K. Simson Department of Radiation Oncology, Action Cancer Hospital, Delhi, India



3DCRT, Chemoradiotherapy, Dosimetric review, IMRT, Rectal cancer


It has been a decade since preoperative chemoradiotherapy is the standard of care in the treatment of rectal cancer. Even though the main picture remains the same, there were many refinements that happened in delivery of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and, of course, surgical skills. Technical advancements in radiotherapy helped us to precisely deliver radiotherapy with minimal side effects. Nevertheless, none of these have been studied in detail to assess the effectiveness and bad effects. It has been noted that modern radiotherapy techniques even though reduces high doses to the critical organ doses, but increases the volume of normal tissues receiving low dose radiation, the adverse effects of the same need to be assessed. There hadn’t been any consensus whether to treat with 3D Conformal Radiotherapy (3DCRT) or Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT). This article reviews various dosimetric parameters of various techniques of radiotherapy presently being used in our department which includes conventional, 3DCRT and IMRT.


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