Hypersplenism in a young girl: managed non-surgically

Tanvi Batra, Shipra Gulati, Vijayashree S. Gokhale, Arjun Lal Kakrani


A 16-years-old female, non-alcoholic, presented with pain in left hypochondrium and distention of abdomen. Her USG Abdomen, portal vein doppler and CT abdomen revealed chronic thrombosis of intrahepatic portion of portal vein with multiple collaterals and gross splenomegaly suggestive of portal hypertension. Trans jugular liver biopsy showed no regeneration or fibrosis of liver. Endoscopy showed grade III oesophageal and gastric varices. Splenic artery embolisation was done for hypersplenism. Post procedure CT abdomen revealed large areas of splenic infarction-sequelae of splenic artery embolization. 


Hypersplenism, Portal hypertension, Splenic artery embolization, Trans jugular liver biopsy

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