Blood pressure measurement in overweight, underweight and normal BMI undergraduate students of a private medical college: correlation of BMI with blood pressure

Shah Mohd Abbas Waseem, Rubeena Bano


Background: It is estimated that by 2025 around 46.5% of India’s population will be suffering from hypertension and associated complications. Thus, early detection of hypertension can prevent complications in later life. Higher BMI is associated with increased risk of elevated blood pressure. Weight related problems are on rise in college/University students. The medical students are at greater risk owing to various stressors. Thus, the present study was undertaken to measure blood pressure and BMI of undergraduate MBBS students and to find correlation with them.

Methods: 253 students were enrolled in the study. BMI (Kg/m2) and blood pressure (mmHg) were measured. The data was analysed using appropriate statistical tests.

Results: BMI was 22.54±2.85 and 20.75±2.99 Kg/m2 respectively in males and females (p<0.001). 21.34% and 12.65% were found to be underweight and overweight respectively.  SBP and DBP in males and females was found to be 120.54±9.48/79.71±4.77 and 110.80±0.98/74.40±5.45 mmHg respectively (p<0.001). 67.98%, 28.07% and 3.95% students were found to be normo, pre-and hypertensive respectively. Significant positive correlation of BMI with SBP and DBP was found both in males and females.

Conclusions: There is weight related concerns and associated complications like elevated blood pressure in medical students.


Blood pressure, MBBS Students, Malnutrition, Stress, Weight

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