Repeat desmetopexy for large Descemet’s membrane detachment after phacoemulsification

Arjun Srirampur, Gangaprasad Amula, Anupama Kalwad


Descemet membrane detachment (DMD) is a potentially vision-threatening complication of cataract surgery. The incidence of DMD has been reported from 0% to 5% during phacoemulsification surgery1of it 0.5% are large and involve the central cornea. Descemetopexy is now accepted as the standard of care for the management of post–cataract surgery Descemet membrane detachment. The success rates with intracameral injections have been reported to be 90-95%. We report a case of a patient who underwent repeat descemetopexy with perflouropropane after failed initial descemetopexy with air for post cataract surgery Descemet membrane detachment. The patient had good visual acuity and clear cornea with Descemet’s membrane well attached at the end of 2 months follow-up.


Anterior OCT, Descemet membrane detachment, Descemetopexy

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