Published: 2017-08-26

An interesting case of young onset diabetes mellitus

Shipra Gulati, Tanvi Batra, Akshay A. Dhamne, Vijayashree S. Gokhale


A 24 years old female, was admitted with symptoms of urinary tract infection. She was married and had bad obstetric history. She was known diabetic for 16 years of age and was on regular treatment with injection human insulin mixtard since the time of diagnosis, but had no episode of diabetic ketosis/ ketoacidosis. She had a positive family history of diabetes. She was further evaluated and was found to have normal C peptide levels and islet cell antibodies were found to be negative. Hence, the possibility of MODY (monogenic diabetes) was considered. Her genetic testing could not be done due to financial constraints. But a trial of sulfonylureas was given along with reduction in the dose of insulin to which she responded well and is presently well controlled.


C Peptide, Diabetes mellitus, Islet cell antibody, MODY, Sulfonylureas

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