Etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of diabetics’ foot ulcer




Diabetes mellites, Diabetic foot ulcers, Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Management


Diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) is a lesion of all layers of skin, necrosis or gangrene that occurs in the soles of the feet in diabetes mellitus (DM) patients, caused by: (1) causative factor (peripheral neuropathy, high foot plantar pressure and trauma); (2) contributive factors (atherosclerosis and diabetes). The treatments of diabetic ulcers consist of determining and repairing the underlying cause of ulcer, good wound care and prevention of ulcer recurrence. The cause of diabetic ulcers can be determined by deep anamnesis and physical examination. DFU therapy includes necrotomy/debridement, reducing the load/pressure on the offensive area, manage the infection by diagnosing the type of bacteria, providing adequate antibiotics and ulcer treatment using wound dressing clean and moist.


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