Published: 2017-09-28

A rare presentation of disseminated invasive aspergillosis

Rituparna Banerjee, Smita Patil, Manish Pendse, Anannya Mukherji, Prashant Kashyap


Here’s presenting a case of disseminated invasive aspergillosis in a young female patient with pulmonary and CNS complications and the difficulty one faces while diagnosing such a case due to variable presentation of symptoms with no prior history of any underlying immunodeficiency. It also focuses on how diagnosing such a case can be further delayed due to clinical and radiological miss-match. Thus, it is important to have a high index of suspicion in such patients as prolonged antibiotics and systemic steroids worsens the course of illness. 


Aspergillosis, Immunodeficiency, Steroids

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