Platelet audit: To weigh the rationality between requirement and uses in blood transfusion

Smita Mahapatra, Gopal Krushna Ray, Rashmita Panigrahi, Debasish Mishra, Binay Bhusan Sahoo, Pankaj Parida


Background: Blood transfusion especially the transfusion of blood component is an important part for better patient management than whole blood transfusion. Despite various approved guidelines, non-compliance regarding rational use prevails in transfusion services.

Methods: In the present study; retrospective audit was conducted for a period of six months in the department of Transfusion Medicine, SCB Medical College and Hospital revealed on 3871 number of platelets prepared.

Results: Out of 3757 units of platelet issued, there was 10.9% group nonspecific platelet transfusion, 31% inappropriate platelet transfusion and 1.99% wastage.

Conclusions: The goal of transfusion service is to provide adequate number of safe blood components to the patient requiring this transfusion as per clinical guideline. This can be achieved by platelet audit which plays an important tool to reduce the inappropriate transfusion in patients, by improving the practice, in adherence to guidelines and focusing the areas of pitfall.


Audit, Blood, Platelet, Transfusion

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