FNAC, cell block and core needle biopsy in diagnosis of lung masses: a necessity or choice?

Manjiri M. Makde, Pradeep Umap, Radha Munje


Background: Lung cancer is the commonest cancer mortality in the world. In targeted therapy era, precise cytohistological diagnosis is offered traditionally by FNAC, Cell Block (CB) and Core Needle Biopsy (CNB). However, little is known whether one technique is superior to other or all the three techniques complement each another. Therefore, this is a unique study as no other study has compared these techniques together till date. The objective of the study was to evaluate performance of FNAC, Cell block (CB) and Core Needle Biopsy (CNB) individually and comparing them with each other.

Methods: This was a prospective study of 50 cases who underwent two passes-1st for FNAC smears and Cell Block and 2nd for CNB.

Results: Material was Inadequate in 8 cases by FNAC 16 with Cell Block and 02 with CNB. When adequate, diagnosis and typing was possible by Cell Block (32) and CNB (48). In 08 FNAC cases having adequate material, cytological typing wasn’t possible. These 08 cases were typed by cell block as 07 malignant and 01 pre-malignant. The combined inadequate cases with cyto-technique (FNAC and Cell Block) were 04 compared to 02 cases on CNB. Combined sensitivity of Cyto-techniques was 95.4% compared to 97% on CNB. The specificity was 100% for both Cyto-techniques and CNB.

Conclusions: Diagnostic adequacy and test parameters improved and approached CNB when both cyto-techniques are combined. So, we strongly recommend that Cell Block be made routine diagnostic procedure in all the government institutions especially for guided FNAC.


Cell block, Core needle biopsy, FNAC, Lung masses

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