Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge about postnatal care among mothers

Neha Joshi, Gomathi B., Kanchan Bala, Mahalingam V.


Background: Mothers and new-borns are vulnerable to illness and deaths during the postnatal period. Care during postnatal period is the important part of maternal health care as the serious and life-threatening complications can occur in postnatal period.

Methods: A Quantitative approach with pre- experimental design was used to study the effectiveness of STP on postnatal care. Sixty postnatal mothers were selected from tertiary care hospital. The Purposive sampling techniques was used to select the study subjects. Data was collected by using Structured Knowledge questionnaire.

Results: The results show that the overall mean pre-test knowledge score of postnatal mothers was 19.8±2.98 and mean post-test knowledge score of postnatal mothers was 26.28±1.89 and the mean difference was 6.48. This revealed that the STP was an effective method in improving mother’s knowledge on postnatal care. There was no significant association found between pre-test knowledge score with their demographic variables except occupation.

Conclusions: The findings of the study revealed that STP was effective in enhancing the knowledge of postnatal mothers on postnatal care.


Knowledge, Postnatal mothers, Post-natal care, Structured teaching programme

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