Observation of modes of brachial artery termination in south Indian cadavers

R. S. Jnanesh


Background: Variations in upper limb arteries have been frequently observed. Accurate knowledge of muscular and neurovascular variations is important for both surgeons and radiologists, which may prevent diagnostic errors.

Methods: A study was done to note the variations in the termination of brachial artery in relation to the level of termination and the terminal branches. A total of 60 upper limbs (33 Right, 27 Left) were studied. The level of termination of brachial artery was identified based on the distance between the intercondylar line and the point of termination. The classic textbook description of brachial artery bifurcating into radial and ulnar arteries, 1 cm distal to elbow joint (ICL) was taken as normal.

Results: A high origin of radial artery was noted in 11.67% of cases. Variations in the origin and relationship of median nerve to brachial artery, radial artery and ulnar artery was seen in 4 cases.

Conclusions: Due to higher incidence of anatomical variations of arteries of the upper limb, prior anatomical knowledge of anomalies is of great clinical significance to vascular surgeons, orthopaedicians and radiologists performing angiographic studies.


Brachial artery, Level of termination, Terminal branches, Variations

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