Pseudophakic cystoid macular edema after uneventful small incision cataract surgery

Abhishek Ghelani, Khushnood Sheikh, Manisha Shastri, Abhishek Patel


Background: To study the clinical profile of patient undergone small incision cataract surgery. To measure the incidence of CME after manual SICS and phacoemulsification method of cataract extraction.

Methods: It`s a hospital based prospective study carried in ophthalmology dept. patients with normal clinical profile with no history of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or any ocular trauma or infection/inflammation are randomly selected for cataract surgery either phacoemulsification or manual SICS and were regularly followed till sixth week after cataract surgery. During follow up complete examination including visual acuity, anterior segment examination fundoscopy and FFA done.

Results: Out of 115 patients, 59 were operated by phacoemulsification and 56 were operated by manual SICS. 59were operated by phaco, 9 patients lost in follow up. Out of these, 2 patients developed CME. One was operated by phaco and the other by SICS (P value = 1.000) BCVA 6/9 or more after second follow up was seen in 42.45% of phaco patients and 40.56% of SICS patients which is statistically insignificant (P value = 0.343607).

Conclusions: With advent of modern cataract surgery, rapid visual rehabilitation and unaided best corrected visual acuity is achieved with negligible early and late postoperative complications and thereby cystoid macular edema.


CME, Phaco, SICS

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