Published: 2017-11-25

Role of leukocyte free platelet rich plasma in planter fasciitis: a prospective study

Chandre Shekhar, Alamgir Jhan, Ganesh Singh, Pankaj Singh, Shailendre S. Bhandhari


Background: Planter fasciitis, is by definition, inflammation of planter fascia. Most of the cases are well treated conservatively and a few responds to surgery only. Objectives of present study were evaluating the efficacy of a single injection of leukocyte free platelet rich plasma in plantar fasciitis and to derive a correlation between the clinical and radiological outcome.

Methods: The present study consisted of 120 patients of bilateral (PF), (240 feet). These patients were divided into two groups PRP group of 60 patients and Placebo group of 60 patients. The study was conducted on patients attending Orthopaedics outpatient department Post Graduate Institute of Medial Education and Research (PGIMER) from July 2011 to June 2012. A primary efficacy criterion was changes from baseline in pain using (VAS). Functional results, level of satisfaction and outcome were measured by – AOFAS Foot Scale. Correlation of clinical with radiological outcome were performed.

Results: There was a significant decrease in the visual analogue scale (pain score) in the PRP. Group while in placebo group it was increased significantly at the end of 6 month. Functional outcome scores were improved significantly from their baseline values in PRP group while in placebo group the mean functional score were deteriorated at 6 months follow up. There was no improvement seen in functional status with normal saline injection. In PRP group the mean heal pad thickness was reduced significantly at 6 months follow up while in placebo group was not changed significantly at 6 months follow up. Correlation between radiological parameters and VAS was found to be positive while it was found negative with other functional outcome scores like AOFAS.

Conclusions: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is a natural concentrate of autologous growth factors,plays a role in the regeneration process in treatment of (PF).


Planter, Platelet, Plasma, PRP

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