Published: 2017-12-23

Primary lung cancer with metastasis to the ipsilateral breast-a case report

Abdalla Saad Abdalla Al-Zawi, Andrzej Ratajczak, Philip Idaewor, Mohamed Elamass, Anita Lazarevska, Elizabeth Tan, Marina Barron, Amira Asaad


The metastasis of extra-mammary malignancy to breast is extremely rare; literature reports the incidence between 0.4-1.3%. Primary sites include the contralateral breast, leukaemia, lymphoma, malignant melanoma, sarcoma, lung, prostate, ovary, colon and the stomach. Here we present a rare case in which lung cancer was found to metastasise to the breast. Initially the patient presented with chest symptoms and a left breast lump was detected clinically. The radiological and histological investigations confirmed the diagnosis of primary lung cancer with breast metastases. Prognosis of such cases is generally poor.


Breast cancer, Cytokeratin 7, Lung adenocarcinoma, TTF-1

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