Pattern and outcome of donor deferral -? need of hour

Chitra Chauhan, Rashmi Chauhan, Seema Awasthi, S. Dutta, Himanshu Joshi


Background: To analyze various reasons for blood donor deferral and to study its long term impact on potential prospective blood donors.

Methods: A total of 26029, otherwise healthy, prospective blood donors were studied retrospectively over a period of 5 years. WHO blood donor selection criteria and counseling guidelines were used for donor selection. Donor deferral data was evaluated with respect to age, sex and cause of deferral which was further analyzed as temporary or permanent deferral.

Results: 1448 (5.56%) blood donors were deferred for various reasons. 1232 (4.89%) of total male donors and 216 (26.83%) of total female blood donors were deferred.1378 (95.16%) donors were deferred on temporary basis and only 70 (4.84 %) donors were permanently deferred. Anemia (42.26%) was observed to be the most common cause of temporary donor deferral while hypertension with cardiac disorder (1.93%) was the most common cause of permanent deferral. All the temporary deferred donors (1378) were called after the period of deferment. Out of total 1378 temporarily deferred donors, only 129 donors returned later for voluntary donation.

Conclusions: Establishment of effective measures is needed in regard to consider the effect of donor deferrals on future availability of donor and donor return and to monitor necessity and effectiveness of deferrals and their reasons. As percentage of temporary deferral is higher, they should be efficiently managed, counseled, educated and encouraged for future donation which can compensate the increasing demand of blood donors.


Donor selection, Donor deferral, Deferral reasons

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