Chikungunya infection confirmed in a Moroccan traveller returning from Bangladesh

Tahar Bajjou, Ahmed Reggad, Farida Hilali, Safae Elkochri, Abdelilah Laraqui, Nadia Touil, Idriss Lahlou Amine, Yassine Sekhsokh, Fattouma Mahassine


Recently, several countries reported imported cases of infection with chikungunya virus (CHIKV). We report the first case of chikungunya virus infection in Morocco. A 37-year old woman returned to Morocco on 15 August 2017, after she stayed in Dhaka-Bangladesh for 18months. She developed severe arthralgias and rash, fever up to 39°c. In next day’s symptoms progressively subsided but arthralgias remained for 3weeks. Laboratory findings didn't show lymphopenia, thrombocytopenia or elevated liver transaminases. Serological tests were positive for CHIKV IgM and negative for IgG antibodies. CHIKV-RNA was detected by RT-PCR. The patient was treated with non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol. After 15days of hospitalization, symptoms ameliorated but arthralgias persists. The vector is established in Morocco and since the virus is diagnosed in returning travellers, chikungunya has a potential for autochthonous transmission in Morocco, that’s why CHIKV must be included in the differential diagnosis of arthralgia in all travellers returning from countries with documented transmission of the virus.


Chikungunya, Imported, RT-PCR, Risk, Morocco

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