Published: 2018-01-24

Is yoga an effective modality of stress reduction within medical population; a qualitative study within MBBS students of BRD medical college, Gorakhpur

Vikash K. Tiwari, Vinay Singh, Devesh Kumar, Mahim Mittal, A. B. Asthana


Background: Stress is very common in medical professionals. Stress begins in the first year of medical school and increases with subsequent years of medical life. Stress decreases overall performance and had a multitude of health-related adverse effect. Yoga has been tried as a stress reduction technique in different populations. In present study yoga was performed in the 1st year MBBS students and impact on stress reduction was studied using PSS-10 stress scale.

Methods: Study groups, yoga and control contained 26 and 27 subjects respectively. The yoga group practiced selected yogic asana, pranayama, and yoga nidra 1hour daily 6days a week for 3months. Control group kept in touch and allowed their usual activity as before. The PSS-10 scale used to measure the level of stress in both groups pre and post study.

Results: There was a highly significant reduction in the PSS-10 Score (stress level) in the yoga group (P Value <0.0001) but there was no significant change in the PSS-10 Score of control group (P Value = 0.2930).

Conclusions: Yoga is an effective modality of stress reduction technique in 1st year medical students. Therefore, yoga should be introduced as a part of the curricula in the first year of medical school. This may be taken as the 1st step in implantation of healthy lifestyle in future health care providers.


Medical students, PSS-10, Stress, Yoga

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