Published: 2018-01-24

A rare case of pleural effusion due to Acinetobacter junii in a known patient of pulmonary tuberculosis

Mousumi Kilikdar, Nitin A. Ambhore, Divya S. Shekokar, Rajesh P. Karyakarte


The genus Acinetobacter comprises a heterogenous group of bacterias that are mostly pandrug resistant and implicated in variety of nosocomial infections. Acinetobacter junii is a rare human pathogen and is mainly associated with blood stream infections in paediatric oncology patients. We report a rare case of pleural effusion caused by A. junii in a known pulmonary tuberculosis patient who was on cat-1 antitubercular treatment.


Acinetobacter junii, Pleural effusion, blood stream infection

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