Polynomial approach modeling among diabetic patients associated with age in rural hilly population of Dehradun district, Uttarakhand

Shubham Pandey, Ankit Singh, Ashish Gaur


Background: Diabetes mellitus is a form of infections that includes issues with the hormone insulin. It is described by constant rise of blood glucose level surprising ordinary esteem. In this paper, an exertion has been made to fit scientific model to diabetic patients and additionally its total dispersion for both genders related with time of rural population from Dehradun district, Uttarakhand.

Methods: For this reason, the information have been taken from field overview in rural hilly population of Dehradun district. In this investigation, an endeavor has been given to demonstrate that the polynomial model is attempted to fit to the conveyance of diabetic patients related with age and also its cumulative distribution.

Results: The fitted model provides statistically significant values with R2=0.9997 and ρcv2= 0.994857. This is the polynomial of degree four, i.e. bi-quadratic polynomial model. The polynomial model is assumed for the cumulative distribution of diabetic patients associated with age and the fitted model provides statistically significant values providing R2= 0.99998 and ρcv2= 0.999983 and shrink-age coefficient=0.00001414. This is the polynomial of degree three, i.e. cubic polynomial model. From this statistic we see that the fitted models are highly cross-validated, and their shrinkages are 0.004842857 and 0.00001414 for the models (1) and (2) respectively.

Conclusions: It is discovered that the distribution of diabetic patients for both genders related with age takes after bi-quadratic polynomial model. In addition, it is found that cumulative distribution of diabetic patients takes as cubic polynomial model. Cross validity prediction power is utilized to the fitted model to verify the stability of the model in this study.


Cross Validity Prediction Power (CVPP), Distribution of Diabetic Patients, F-Test, Polynomial Model, Variance Explained (R2)

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