Cytological detection of microfilaria in unsuspected clinical scenario

Shivani Kumawat, V. M. Bhagat, Bhavna Gamit, B. M. Jha


Filariasis is a major public health problem in tropical countries, including India. Fine needle aspiration cytology plays an important role in prompt recognition of disease. Aim was to highlight the role of fine needle aspiration cytology as a simple and cost effective tool to detect microfilarial infestation. A retrospective study of 10 cases in which fine needle aspiration cytology was done and was useful in detecting microfilaria. Patient’s age were ranging from 19-62 years. M:F ratio being 7:3. Out of ten cases, maximum cases of microfilarial detection was reported in soft tissue swelling (four cases), followed by lymph node swelling (three cases), thyroid swelling (two cases) and breast swelling (one case). Careful screening of fine needle aspiration cytology smears is helpful in detecting microfilaria even in asymptomatic patients living in endemic zone which plays a significant role in recognition of disease and obviating severe manifestations of filariasis if treated in time.


Fine needle aspiration cytology, Filarial infestation

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