Published: 2018-02-22

A clinicopathological study of vernal conjunctivitis in urban and rural areas of Eastern India: A hospital based study

Suman Adhikari, Asok Kumar Naskar, Samarendra Kabasi, Sujata Deb, R. K. Deb, Sukanta Sen


Background: Vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) is a relatively rare, chronic form of ocular allergy that can potentially cause severe visual complications.

Methods: The present study was carried out amongst the patients suffering from vernal conjunctivitis and attending the Outpatient Department of Ophthalmology of Mata Gujri Memorial Medical College & Lions Seva Kendra Hospital, Kishanganj (Bihar). The conjunctiva and cornea were examined for any complication of the disease. The patients were categorized into two treatment groups, each group treated with one topical drug. As the total number of patients in the study was 100, each treatment group consisted of 50 patients, one group of patients was treated with 0.05% azelastine eye drop and the other group treated with 2% sodium cromoglycate eye drop.

Results: Greater incidence during the period from March to June (59%) and the highest number in the month of May (18%). Of the 100 patients in the study group, the largest group of 89 patients presented with limbal vernal conjunctivitis; 7 patients presented with palpebral vernal conjunctivitis and 4 patients suffered from a mixed type (both limbal and palpebral) type of the disease.

Conclusions: Examination of the conjunctival biopsy specimens of the patients showed chronic nonspecific inflammatory reaction, mostly confined to the subepithelial region. Patients in both groups showed dramatic results of the treatment proving the efficacy of steroids. 


Azelastine eye drop, Prognosis, Sodium cromoglycate eye drop, Vernal keratoconjunctivitis

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