Nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn of face with infundibular and keratinous cyst in an adolescent Arab male-a rare case report

Scott Arockia Singh M., Paul Raphel, Sneha Devadas, Siny Vellukara Sasidharan


Nevus Sebaceous of Jadassohn is rare hamartomatous skin lesion. We report an interesting case of an Adolescent Arab male 18yr old, who presented to us with a velvety plaque of 7cm length in his left preauricular area. Excision biopsy revealed Nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn with infundibular and keratinous cyst. The lesion is present since birth started as a tiny lesion and grown to the current size. No such large sized lesion on the face has ever been reported in the medical literature till date. We advise an early excision as they have strong potential for malignant change.


Congenital skin lesion, Hamartomatous skin lesion, Nevus sebaceous

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