Study of open inguinal hernia repair by mosquito net mesh versus polypropylene mesh


  • Anil Darokar Department of General Surgery, PDM medical college, Amravati, MUHS
  • Kishor Bele Department of General Surgery, PDM medical college, Amravati, MUHS
  • Rajiv Mulmule Department of General Surgery, PDM medical college, Amravati, MUHS
  • Rizwanuddin Qazi Department of General Surgery, PDM medical college, Amravati, MUHS



Inguinal hernia, Mesh repair, Hernioplasty, Mosquito net mesh


Background: Inguinal hernia is one of the commonest medical problems and treatment with Lichtenstein repair using polypropylene mesh is considered as gold standard. In developing countries, cost of the prosthesis is a significant factor in health care delivery.

Methods: A clinical trial of 73 patients of inguinal hernia operated by Lichtenstein tension free technique from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2014 was undertaken to evaluate the safety, complications and recurrence rate using Mosquito Net Mesh (MNM) and compared the cost benefit with conventional standard polypropylene mesh. 37 patients were operated with ETO sterilized MNM of size 7.5 cm by 15 cm whereas 36 patients were operated with commercial Polypropylene mesh of same size. The mean follow up of the patients was 20 months.

Results: The rate of hematoma formation was 0% and 0%, serous discharge was 5.41% and 11.11%, which resolved with conservative treatment in 3-5 days, seroma formation was 0% and 0%, superficial and deep infection was 0% and 0%, chronic pain was 2.70% and 2.77%, which was tolerable not requiring any treatment, and recurrence was 2.70% and 0% with MNM mesh and polypropylene mesh respectively. The cost benefit was 40%-50% of the total cost of the repair using MNM.

Conclusions: ETO sterilized MNM is a safe and very cost effective alternative to commercial mesh.


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