Published: 2018-04-25

The F waves study in young healthy individuals

Subedi P., Limbu N., Thakur D., Khadka R., Gupta S.


Background: The F wave is a CMAP (compound muscle action potential) evoked by a supramaximal stimulation of a motor nerve. F waves are particularly useful for the diagnoses of polyneuropathies at an early stage and proximal nerve lesions.

Methods: Healthy males (n=64) and females (n=26) medical students of BPKIHS with age 20 to 24 years were enrolled. Anthropometric parameters; F wave latencies, persistence and chronodispersion of bilateral median, ulnar and tibial nerves were recorded in Neurophysiology Lab II of BPKIHS. Descriptive analysis was done.

Results: Mean age, height and weight of the subjects were 21.64±1.19 years, 165.61±5.4cms and 64.07±5.5kg. Mean minimum F wave latencies (ms) of right median, ulnar and tibial nerves were 24.09±1.95, 24.02±1.76, 44.34±3.02 while on the left side were 23.92±1.96, 24.11±1.92, 44.07±2.83 respectively. F persistence was above 80%. F chronodispersion (ms) for right and left median, ulnar and tibial nerves were 2.77±0.70, 2.79±0.65, 2.71±0.67, 2.80±0.56, 3.48±0.73 and 3.45±0.64 respectively.

Conclusions: Maximum and minimum F wave latencies, F chronodispersion and F persistence were derived for both sexes in an age group of 20-24 years.


F chronodispersion, F persistence, F wave

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