Application of the translated version of Buss and Perry questionnaire and to see its reliability and validity in aggression estimation in North Indian population

Balreet Kaur


Background: The present study was done to translate the Buss and Perry questionnaire in Hindi and to check its validity and reliability. The questionnaire was translated as there was no translated version of the questionnaire available. The study was done to see the level of aggression in males and females with the translated version of questionnaire.

Methods: The study was done on 500 subjects for the estimation of aggression. The Buss and Perry questionnaire has four factors 1) Physical aggression 2) Verbal aggression 3) Anger aggression 4) Hostility aggression. The questionnaire was translated by a bilingual person and was applied on both male and female subjects of North Indian population. The questionnaire was also got filled in the English version as well and no difference was found in the results of both the versions.

Results: Out of 288 female subjects 77%, 15% and 8% subjects had low, medium and high level of aggression respectively while 67%, 17% and 16% male subjects were found to have low, medium and high level of aggression. The physical aggression was found more in males while the verbal aggression was found more in females.

Conclusions: In the present study the results found were similar to the results with the English version. So it was found that the translated version of aggression questionnaire is valid and reliable for the estimation of aggression in males and females and free from gender bias.


Aggression, Reliability, Translated questionnaire, Validity

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