Published: 2018-03-28

Adult chordoid meningioma: a case report

Lakshmipriya U., Umasankar P., Asiq Sideeque, Aparna Govindan


Chordoid meningioma is a rare tumour accounting for less than 0.5% of all meningiomas. It is a WHO grade II tumour with an aggressive behavior. It is a rare variant characterized by cords or trabeculae of eosinophilic or vacuolated cells set in an abundant mucoid matrix. It can be associated with systemic or hematologic manifestations like Castleman disease. The tumor has a propensity for aggressive behavior and increased likelihood of recurrence We report a case of an adult patient with chordoid meningioma who presented with headache and seizures and did not have any hematological/ systemic manifestations. She underwent total excision of the lesion and is doing well.


Aggressive tumor, Meningioma

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