Case study on reimbursement process and settlement of bills of patients treated under package charges in super speciality public hospital

Ruchi Garg, Neeraj Garg, Abhinav Wankar, I. B. Singh


Background: In the Government hospitals, because of constraints of resources, patients are often asked to buy certain items required for their treatment procedure. There is an inadvertent delay in bill reimbursement process due to the cumbersome procedure, which causes dissatisfaction among patients. Thus, it was highly imperative to reduce the reimbursement time and improve the level of patient satisfaction by improving quality of services. The present study depicts modifications initiated to reduce causes of delay and improve patient satisfaction.

Methods: Process mapping was done for different procedures which are carried out under package system at Cardio Neuroscience Centre. All the available documents were analysed from Operation theatre, Wards, ICU, Billing section, Account office, OPD area etc. and Interviews were taken from consultants, nursing staff, staff working at Billing section, Account office etc. to identify causes of delay.

Results: The study helped in improvement in efficiency by 60% percent and reduces the number of resources by 10 percent.

Conclusions: The study helped to increase productivity gains and improve accuracy.


Account section, Billing, Delay, Process mapping, Patient satisfaction, Reimbursement

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