Published: 2018-04-25

The study of clinical and endoscopic spectrum of upper gastrointestinal manifestations in HIV patients

Raman Parashar, Deepali Kaushik, Praveen K. Malik


Background: Opportunistic disorders are the most frequent GI complications of HIV infection and remain a major cause of morbidity and mortality in these patients. These disorders account for high prevalence of upper gastrointestinal symptoms such as dysphagia, odynophagia, retrosternal chest pain, abdominal pain and upper GI bleeding. Hence an attempt is being made to study clinical, endoscopic and biopsy changes in HIV patients with upper GI symptoms which helps us to make early diagnosis of upper GI disorders in HIV patients.

Methods: HIV positive patients above 14 yrs diagnosed on the basis of recent NACO criteria having Upper G.I. symptoms, attending OPD of Department of Medicine admitted in Wards. All fifty three patients with upper G.I. symptoms were subjected to detail history, thorough clinical examination, routine and special investigations and Upper G.I Endoscopy.

Results: Out of fifty three patients, nineteen (35.8%) cases had normal endoscopy. The most common finding was Antral Gastritis in fourteen (26.4%), followed by Candida esophagitis in twelve (22.6%), esophagitis in three (5.7%), candida esophagitis with antral gastritis in two (3.8%), duodenitis, varices and mass (ulcerated growth) in II part of Duodenum seen in one (1.9%) each.

Conclusions: The evaluation of specific gastrointestinal complaints must be based on an assessment of degree of immunosuppression. With the progression of immunodeficiency, EGD becomes a useful diagnostic modality for the early diagnosis of these opportunistic infections and other inflammatory conditions.


Candidiasis, HIV, PLHA, Upper GI endoscopy

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