Platelet indices evaluation in patients with dengue fever

Payal Mukker, Smitha Kiran


Background: Platelet indices (PIs)-Platecrit, mean platelet volume (MPV) and platelet distribution width (PDW)-are a group of platelet parameters obtained as a part of complete blood count using automated hematology analyzers. Evidence suggests that PIs may have diagnostic and prognostic value in febrile thrombocytopenia. This study aims to understand the profile of PIs in dengue fever. Aims and objectives was to study the platelet indices in patients with dengue fever.

Methods: The present study is a retrospective observational study conducted in a tertiary hospital in Kerala. Platelet count, mean platelet volume (MPV), platecrit and Platelet distribution width (PDW) along with routine blood parameters hemoglobin(Hb), hematocrit, WBC, Platelet count, serum bilirubin, liver enzymes (AST, ALT) of 123 patients were collected. These 123 patients were grouped into three according to the platelet count (<20000,20000-100000, >100000). All the test results are available in hospital database. This was accessed using inpatient numbers obtained from medical records department of our institution. All analysis was done using free to use software R and values were rounded off to the nearest decimal point. Non normally distributed parameters were expressed as median (IQR). Parameters which did not follow normal distribution were analyzed with Kruskall Wallis test and the values are expressed as mean (SD) and a p value <0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Results: Platelet indices PDW (57±13.8 vs. 55.4±6.9, p value 0.001) and MPV (9.2±0.09 vs. 13.8±1.3fL, p value <0.001) values were significantly altered in dengue fever with platelet counts below 20,000 compared to platelet count more than one lakh group. Similarly, the Platelet index (MPVxPDW\PLCxPCT), MPV\PLC, MPV\Platecrit, PDW\PLC and PDW\Platecrit ratio showed statistically significant difference between the different platelet groups.

Conclusions: Platelet indices are useful parameters in dengue infection. Other than platelet count, PDW, MPV, platecrit are useful to monitor dengue fever.


Dengue, Platelet, Mastoid process, PLT, PCT, PDW, MPV

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