Published: 2016-12-24

Achalasia cardia presenting with bilateral broncheactasis in a child

Bhavana Venkata Nagabhushana Rao, Venkata Satya Raman Bhavana


Achalasia cardia usually presents in the age group of 25 to 60 and rare in children. Dysphagia, regurgitation, vomiting and chest pain are the cardinal symptoms. If they present mainly with respiratory symptoms diagnosis may be difficult and delayed. Bilateral bronchiectasis is rarely reported in patients with achalasia both in adults and children. Sometimes children may be erroneously diagnosed as eating disorder as both may present with similar symptoms hence information that achalasia can occur in children reduces such risk. In those children presenting with chronic respiratory symptoms it is prudent to look for esophageal motility disorders. CT scan, endoscopy, manometry are useful diagnostic tools but gold standard is barium esophgogram to diagnose Achalasia. Chest postural drainage may be delayed in bronchiectatic patients with achalasia. Heller myotomy is standard surgical treatment for children. Untreated Patients may end up with megaesophagus, a progressively dilated esophagus.


Achalasia, Respiratory disease, Bilateral bronchiectasis, Chronic cough, Child

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