The impact of baby spa on the growth and development of infants aged 3-6 months at Puskesmas I Denpasar Selatan

Noviani Ni Wayan, Fitria .


Background: Infancy is a critical period which required special and thorough treatment. The pursuant of optimal growth and development of infant is influenced by some factors which are correlated namely, genetics, environment, behavior, and stimulus. One of the measurements to determine growth is weight. Baby spa is one of physiotherapy for infant and could stimulate infant’s motor movement which has significant influence on their growth and development.

Methods: The method of this research was Quasi experimental design using the framework of pretest and posttest with control group design on infants aged 3 until 6 months who are healthy. Kartu Menuju Sehat (KMS) or growth chart was used to record the growth of infant before and after the treatment. Denver Developmental Screening Test (DDST) was utilized to measure the infant’s development before and after the treatment. Baby spa therapy was performed once every two weeks for 12 weeks.

Results: The research 20 infants of treatment group and control group statistically showed significant increase before and after baby spa treatment in term of growth and development of infants aged 3-6 months with p value=0.0000. There was an impact of the baby spa treatment towards the growth and development of infant aged 3-6 months based on the p value: 0.021.

Conclusions: Baby spa which was performed on infants aged 3-6 months significantly increases their growth and development.


Baby spa, Development, Growth

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