Study of pulmonary tuberculosis in diabetes mellitus

Vinay Kumar A., Raj Kumar K., Nithin Kumar Reddy R.


Background: To study the clinical profile of pulmonary tuberculosis in diabetic patients and to study the radiographic patterns of pulmonary tuberculosis in diabetic patients.

Methods: The study was undertaken on 100 patients with diabetes mellitus and pulmonary tuberculosis of both sexes admitted to Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical Sciences, Bommakal, Karimnagar.

Results: The fasting blood sugar value showed a definite co-relation with pulmonary tuberculosis. 41% of the patients had fasting blood sugar value between 201 to 300mg/dl and 30% had value between 151-200mg/dl and 23% of the patients had value above 300mg/dl. Mean fasting blood sugar value was 234.4mg/dl. Right sided lung lesions were noted in 37% of the cases and left sided lesions in 33% of the cases. Upper lobe lesions were noted in 68% of the cases and bilateral lesion in 30% of the study group.

Conclusions: Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus patients are more prone to develop pulmonary tuberculosis compared to non diabetics. Sputum examination tends to be positive in diabetics compared to non diabetics.


Diabetes mellitus, Fasting blood sugar, Pulmonary tuberculosis, Post prandial blood sugar, Sputum examination

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