Adult onset still's disease: a rare disorder

Belema O. Abbey, Dasetima D. Altraide, Bolaji I. Otike-Odibi


Adult onset disease is a variant of systemic onset juvenile idiopatic arthritis characterised by seronegative poly arthritis in association with multi systemic inflammation. it is often seen in young adults. Authors have report a case of a 28 year old male who presented to us with a predominantly systemic symptoms. patient presented with a 6 month history of high grade fever, with associated recurrent joint pains, sore throat, generalized tonic-clonic seizures and skin rashes. Patient remained markedly ill for most of his in-patient stay. Aesilogy is unknown, though it is currently thought that there is interplay between a genetic predisposition, an immune dysregulation and environmental play mainly infectious. Therapeutic decisions should be based on the extent and severity of organ involvement.


Adult onset still's disease, Joint symptoms, Lymphadenopathy, Persistent high fever

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