Cutaneous chromoblastomycosis-unusual presentation: a case report


  • Jyoti Tele Department of Pathology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed to be University, Karad, Maharashtra, India
  • Sonal Gupta Department of Pathology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed to be University, Karad, Maharashtra, India
  • Nanda Patil Department of Pathology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Deemed to be University, Karad, Maharashtra, India



Chromoblastomycosis, Dermatomycosis, Sclerotic bodies


Chromoblastomycosis is a chronic, progressive, cutaneous and subcutaneous fungal infection following the traumatic implantation of certain dematiceous fungi. These are naturally pigmented fungi with two clinical forms viz. cutaneous and cerebral. We present a case of cutaneous chromoblastomycosis presenting as a swelling over right forearm in a 47-year-old lady farmer. Clinically cutaneous tuberculosis was suspected, however on histopathology, diagnostic ‘sclerotic cells or medlar bodies’ amidst the granulomatous inflammation and microabscesses were seen.


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