Spectrum of bone and soft tissue tumors in a tertiary cancer institute in Eastern india

Ashwini Natekar, Shubasis Basu, Gavruv Gupta, Maruti Pujari


Background: Bone and soft tissue tumours are uncommon tumours that can affect any age group. Soft tissue tumors are said to be heterogeneous group of mesenchymal malignancies. Primary bone sarcomas are rare tumors, comprising approximately 0.2% of all cancers. Their true incidence is difficult to estimate because of their rarity. The outcome of the disease depends on the age and time at diagnosis.

Methods: A study was carried out in department of pathology in tertiary cancer institute in East India from December 2015 to September 2017. A total of 60 cases were included in the study. All age group patients with indoor admissions and review cases were included in this study. Only soft tissue and bone tumors were included in the study. Epithelial tumors metastasis to bone were excluded from our study. Clinical and radiological details of patients were noted along with gross specimen findings and microscopic examination of H and E stained slides. IHC was also carried out for confirmatory diagnosis. Aims and objectives was to study the histological spectrum of bone and soft tissue tumors in a tertiary cancer institute in Eastern India. Also, to study gender distribution and site distribution of bone and soft tissue tumors.

Results: Out of the total 60 cases studied 24 cases were of bone and cartilaginous tumours and 36 cases included were of soft tissue tumors. Benign tumors comprised of 08 cases (13.3%) and malignant tumors accounted to 52 cases (86.7%). Age of the patients ranged from 10 to 80 years. Male female ratio was 1.4:1.

Conclusions: Multimodal therapies of treatment are practiced for bone and soft tissue tumors. Early detection and treatment is essential for diagnosis of these malignant tumors. Molecular studies are most important in diagnosing, classifying and also prognosticating bone and soft tissue tumors.


Bone tumors, Histology, Soft tissue tumors

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